Concealed Carry Class



Everything needed for the class is provided by 1776 except for your firearm and ammunition.  If a firearm is needed, one can be rented before the class.  If you will need a firearm, please make arrangements before the class so that we can ensure availability as supplies are limited.  Private one on one training is also available before class if needed for a firearm rental.  ALL FIREARMS must arrive and remain unloaded and in their case at all times unless otherwise instructed by the Range safety officer.

If you do not own or do not wish to bring the firearm you own, you MUST let us know in advance to rent one of our firearms.  We also supply ammo, however, please let us know in advance so we can be sure we have your specific ammo type & caliber.

Classes are completed with a minimum of 8 hours of instruction w/range qualification:

  • Acceptance and signing of liability waiver
  • A review of handgun knowledge, types, operation, and safe handling procedures
  • Students will learn/demonstrate loading and unloading of ammo safely
  • A review of CCH firearms, concealment techniques, clothing & holsters
  • 4 hours of instruction will cover legal requirements, guidelines, expectations, and outcomes
  • Paper multiple-choice test with live fire qualification.

You will be required to fire live ammunition out of your handgun.  If you do not bring ammo for the firearm you will be using, the club will have ammo on hand to sell you for the class.   40 rounds of ammo or required for this class.


Class begins at 8:30am and ends at 4:30pm

Bring the following:

Pen & or pencil, eye protection, ear protection, firearm, firearm case, ammo, appropriate clothing.

Lunch will be ordered out – or you may bring your own.  Lunch break will not exceed 30 minutes.


** PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED **  R.S.V.P. & registration for classes must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance.