“Without proper training & experience, any weapon of any type becomes a problem instead of a solution.” 
 – C. Powell

E V E N T S   &    T R A I N I N G

  Training is a big part of what we at 1776 do.  This does not mean this is what fills our calendar, it means this is what we do, this is what we deliver.  We are a safety-oriented organization, which means we safely teach & advocate safety.  Every facet of our operations is designed to make every individual safe and responsible.

  training information


concealed carry

pistol  1-on-1 : beginner

rifle  1-on-1 : beginner

Pistol series

tactical shotgun

tactical rifle

class schedule below:

The classes listed below are held in and on our private training facility.  Each class is held by a select few instructors which have all necessary respective training and credentials to handle their respective lessons.  All instruction is provided using social distancing regulations safely and responsibly.

reserving a class

To reserve a class – fill in the webform at the bottom of the page and submit your information based on posted calendar dates.  For additional class information, double click on the oval-shaped class item on the calendar.

Classes do have limited space.

We are sensitive to COVID-19 & EVERY OTHER transmittable virus in circulation – so, please follow all Health & safety-minded guidelines from our instructors and staff.  Wash your hands as much as practicable and keep a safe distance from all members, staff & guests.