Hunters & sportsmen


  • Hunters Safety
  • Firearms safety
  • Conceal Carry cert.
  • Self Defense – Practical 
  • Archery 
  • Precision Rifle

& Family



  • Archery 
  • Hunters Safety 
  • Weapons safety
  • Scout based training       
  • General awareness
  • Self-defense

police & security 



  • Advanced weapons systems
  • Recency training
  • Advanced Placement 
  • Search & Recovery
  • More TBD



conceal carry

your first step REFUSING TO become a statistic 

CONCEAL CARRY   –   $80.00 

Everything needed for the class is provided by 1776 except for your firearm and ammunition.  If a firearm is needed, one can be rented before the class.  If you will need a firearm, please make arrangements before the class so that we can ensure availability as supplies are limited.  Private one on one training is also available before class if needed for a firearm rental.  ALL FIREARMS must arrive and remain unloaded and in their case at all times unless otherwise instructed by the Range safety officer.

If you do not own or do not wish to bring the firearm you own, you MUST let us know in advance to rent one of our firearms.  We also supply ammo, however, please let us know in advance so we can be sure we have your specific ammo type & caliber.

Classes are completed with a minimum of 8 hours of instruction w/range qualification.

These classes will cover the following principles.  Use of deadly force,  allowed locations of carrying, methods of carrying, firearm functionality, basic safety principles. 

You will be required to fire live ammunition out of your handgun.  If you do not bring ammo for the firearm you will be using, the club will have ammo on hand to sell you for the class.   40 rounds of ammo or required for this class.

** PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED **  R.S.V.P. & registration for classes must be submitted at least 48 hours in advance. 




Precision Rifle

A rewarding experience


  The concept for this class goes beyond the objective of standard target practice.  Utilizing real-life experience from professional shooters and military sharpshooter snipers, we have put together a program with the absolute pursuit of perfection in long-range precision.  

  Long-range shooting of what we consider to be in the 600to 1,000 yard range is quickly becoming a very active, engaging, and popular shooting sport.  We at 1776′ feel there is a tremendous gain in participating and training our members & guests in long-range precision shooting.



youth training 

safety for your entire family, * for the moments when they are alone…

  Proper training is crucially important in anything that has a standard level of performance or effectiveness.  

  It’s not possible for your entire family to be together at all times.  When they are by themselves or with friends, can you put full trust in their utmost safety?  Can they handle themselves effectively when it matters most?  

  We offer training that NO-ONE else does.  Real-world scenario training for:

  • Self-defense strategies
  • Group defense strategies
  • Basic survival techniques
  • Wilderness survival techniques.  

*Scenarios for Self & Group defense include but are not limited to; active school & or public shooters, terrorist threats, immediate & imminent threat of bodily harm or injury.  Threat recognition w/ best outcome resolution.  

“serious emphasis on both the MORAL solution and the textbook solution “

The Crew

A Team You Can Rely On


    Our staff and affiliates are active and retired military, law enforcement, and business owners all with very successful experience in their respective fields.  Their cooperation with the 1776 sporting club gives us an ability to provide an experience far beyond anything else available in our area.