One on One instruction 


This class is designed for the individual & or couple who wishes to have a private introduction to handguns.  This student is someone who has little to no background in using a handgun and who would like to be safe, & confident in handling & using a handgun. 

**This is not a concealed carry class and does not in any way give someone the authority or legal grounds for carrying a weapon in a concealed manner.** 

If you have no prior background in handling firearms or handguns we highly suggest taking this class as a preliminary instruction before any concealed carry class.

This beginner handgun session is a skills-based class only.


items needed

  • Pen & Pad
  • Closed-toe shoes & normal comfortable clothing
  • Handgun + 20 rounds of ammo (If owned, rental available)


Generally, 2 hrs in total duration.  

Covers, basic handgun parts, fundamentals, safe practices, disciplines, handling techniques, aiming & firing techniques.